From finding us homes to tour, putting up with my eccentricities, working closely with the out-of-town agent selling our other house, to stepping in to complete tasks that were neglected and closely working with the escrow company to get our home closed. She is a true Real Estate Wonder Woman!!!
— Buddy & Kara

Her responsiveness was amazing! She knew when to talk to me, and when to talk with my husband. She rocked as our real estate agent!
— Peter & Allison
Deb was awesome! Communicative; helpful; investigative! She went above and beyond. We plan to buy other investment properties in the future, and we will work exclusively with Deb!
— Kyra & Joe

I’m like a proud parent watching Deb move from being my administrative assistant to a knowledgeable and industrious real estate broker.  She knows the market’s inventory and has an excellent grasp of contracts.  Anything she doesn’t know, she will find out quickly!
— Brewster
She communicated well with my daughter, my husband and me as well as to the seller. She has a very professional, positive manner. She visited us right after we moved in to see if all had gone well!
— Louis & Neva

Time, dedication, integrity, perseverance, advocacy. She didn’t hesitate to go the extra mile while remaining completely ethical and trustworthy. Her dependability is unmatchable.
— Brian & Jaime
Deb is professional, hard-working, and friendly. She did a great job representing us and our desires!
— Ed & Cassandra

Deb served us well by putting our desires first and foremost. She “translated” the real estate process and made it easy to understand. She gave us comparisons to consider. She goes above and beyond to provide great personal attention.
— Patrick & Michelle
She went above and beyond every step of the way – from her availability to show us a new listing to finding us an empty refrigerator box to see if our desired model would fit in the kitchen. She really listened for what we needed and desired in a house. She was both likable and knowledgeable.
— Jovanni & Hillary

Deb kept us current on all details. She is super-efficient and professional.
— Dave & Kathleen
She is the best and served me well in everything!
— Joan

Deb communicated the market situation well. She is a hard-worker with lots of energy. She never pressured us into something that was uncomfortable to us.
— Manny & Ondie
Deb gave us exactly what we needed and wanted. She listened to our suggestions and never showed us something we didn’t want to see.
— Gary & Ashley

Deb is motivated by competence and generosity.  These qualities make it easy for her to offer clients her best.   Her generosity motivates her to go beyond what is required, and her competence causes her to sweat the details.  Trust me I know.
— Bob, Husband
Deb is kind, personable, organized and the hardest worker!
— Joel & Melissa